Cats are usually known for being the more independent pets, but don’t tell that to Eclipse.

Eclipse is a black labrador from Seattle who has learned that she doesn’t need a human to take the bus, have some fun at the dog park, and take the bus back home every day. She’s become such a regular passenger that she even has her own bus pass attached to her collar!

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Eclipse started taking her solo journeys one day when her owner, Jeff Young, was taking too long to get the bus.

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Eclipse ran ahead of him, and the bus driver recognized her and let her on. Jeff met up with her at the dog park, and soon, he realized she knew where she was and where she wanted to go.

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Before long, Jeff trusted Eclipse to take the bus on her own and come home a couple of hours after she’d left.

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The other passengers love Eclipse, and the police are fine with this independent pup riding the bus as long as the drivers don’t mind. It looks like this sweet girl will continue to take her daily trips all by herself!

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All images from “Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog” via Facebook

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