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This Dog Looks Like A Horrifying Monster Until You See What’s Really Going On


Our dogs really know how to scare us when they get into the trash, slip their collars on a walk, or start vomiting on the carpet in the middle of the night. But one innocent dog photo is so confusing, it’s really freaking people out.

One Reddit user shared a photo of a dog on the appropriately named subreddit r/confusing_perspective last year, and it’s making the rounds again as more people see and are subsequently bothered by what seems to be a strange monster that resembles a dog.

Three legged dog licking his back

So what’s really going on here? As you’ve probably figured out, this isn’t a new monster in Stranger Things — it’s just a weird angle depicting a three-legged dog licking himself. Another Redditor provided this helpful sketch to demonstrate what’s happening on the cuter side of the dog.

Just in case anyone still had doubts that this wasn’t some strange beast come to life out of a horror film, the dog’s owner later shared a more, erm, aesthetically pleasing photo of her cute pup.

Don’t worry, your mind can rest easy knowing that this “monster” can’t do any real damage to you beyond nipping at your heels!

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