It’s no secret that many dogs are hard workers who love to stay busy. For example, we see dogs working with the police, as guide animals, search-and-rescue dogs, and as helpers on farms.

One dog named Lassye, however, has found a small, but important task to take care of.

Rhany Christo asked her daughter, Taysa, to take down some mats that were hanging out to dry after being washed. Taysa soon realized she had two options: either try to stack the mats on one arm (which could be way too heavy for a kid her size!) or take them in the house separately. The alternative, of course, was setting them on the ground, where they would just get dirty all over again.

Then, Taysa and Lassye found another solution. Rhany took a video of their teamwork, with Taysa stacking the mats on Lassye’s back and the sweet dog happily going along with the job. These two clearly have a lovely bond, and Taysa gives Lassye plenty of praise and thanks once the job is done!

Take a look below:


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