We love corgis and dachshunds for their long bodies and basset hounds for their long ears, but one unique dog is stealing hearts for her long nose.

Eris the borzoi has a snout that’s a whopping 12.2 inches long — possible a world record, according to her owners! Borzois like Eris are known for their Pinocchio-like noses, but Eris’ is particularly long. Her owners, Lily and Savannah, adopted her about two years ago when she was just a puppy. Now, she’s a grown girl and a bit of an internet celebrity thanks to her unique appearance.

Check out some of Eris’ photos below, and you’ll want a borzoi just like her too!

Borzois like Eris are Russian wolfhounds that were originally bred for hunting, but are now beloved family pets.

Luckily, all Eris has to hunt for are snacks!

Borzois are tall and big dogs, getting up to about 100 pounds in adulthood. But they’re also quiet and well-suited to suburban households that can’t live with barking dogs bothering the neighbors.

Eris is a beautiful dog, of course, but her long nose also makes her susceptible to some goofy pictures.

Thankfully, she doesn’t seem to be self-conscious, and she shouldn’t be: she’s a gorgeous girl!


We love all dogs, but there’s definitely a special place in our hearts for Eris.


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