Many parents dread taking their babies to the hospital. Even though pediatricians are usually great with babies and toddlers, no new mom or dad wants to see their children crying when they get poked with needles for their vaccines.

One pediatrician seems to have the magic touch with babies — so much so that they giggle when he gives them their shots.

Dr. William Gerba has a unique approach to giving vaccines to babies. He distracts them by singing, tickling, and poking them with the (capped) needle. By the time he administers the vaccine, the babies are having such a good time, they barely even notice!

A TikTok video of Dr. Gerba working his magic on a baby named Noah has been spreading. Just wait til you see his method!

Noah has been seen by Dr. Gerba before when he was even tinier, and as you can see, he was similarly unbothered by his shot:

The New-York-based doctor has received viral acclaim for his unique method before. Here he is in 2018, and as you can see, he found what works and has stuck with it!

Hopefully even more doctors can adopt this method when treating little babies! It would certainly save everyone some pain and heartache.


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