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This Dad Didn’t Even Want His Dog At First, But Now, They Have The Cutest Bedtime Routine


It’s a tale as old as time: dad doesn’t want dog, dad gets dog, dad falls in love with dog. The plotline is familiar to many people whose parents begrudgingly let them keep a stray pet they found on the street or finally caved to incessant pleas to adopt a cat or dog. And it’s what happened to Alice Garrido Gallardo’s dad when Alice proposed adopting a former stray she ended up naming Jean Gray.

Alice told The Dodo that her dad was initially unwilling to adopt Jean Gray, as he was still healing from the loss of their previous dog. Jean Gray had been found on the streets by a friend, and Alice thought adopting her would be a good step forward for the family to take.

Image Source: Alice Garrido Gallardo via The Dodo

Well, her dad changed his tune after meeting Jean Gray — and who could blame him?! Just look at that sweet face.

Now, Jean Gray and Alice’s dad have a beautiful bond, and the man who didn’t even want this sweet pup at first has now developed a heartwarming bedtime routine that’s so cute, it may bring a tear to your eye.

Alice filmed the routine, which sees her dad giving Jean Gray a pillow, blanket, and her favorite plushie. You can see the love between them and the tenderness in this sweet man’s heart. While it’s always tragic to lose a pet, the bond between these two proves that it’s possible to heal and welcome more love into your life after loss.

Watch their adorable routine below:


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