With the way technology is advancing these days, a robot takeover feels imminent. Whether you’re already deleting your social media and avoiding anything more high-tech than a microwave or you accept our future robot overlords with open arms, I think we can all admit that there’s something a bit creepy about seeing a weirdly lifelike robot wandering around alone at night.

That’s exactly what some people came across when they were walking in Northern Ontario, Canada, a few days ago. One of the members of the group, Nathan, captured footage of a dog-like robot from famed robotics company Boston Dynamics, and the videos are both impressive and unsettling.

The robot dog is disturbingly lifelike, even “looking” at the group of friends like a real dog would! But don’t worry too much — the bot isn’t just wandering around looking for targets. It’s controlled remotely by a real human… which we think makes it a bit less creepy.

Take a look at the robot below:

Nathan told Bored Panda, “I was with my friend, Kaedan, driving to her house when we saw the Boston Dynamics robot! He was being walked by a man who had a remote controller. We pulled over to the side of the road and asked if we could take a video. He gave his permission and we both shot our video. I was very creeped out and excited to see it, but my friend thought it was the cutest thing ever—you can hear her saying ‘I love you!’

“We asked why the man had the robot, and he said it was for work. My friend told him he must have a really cool job, and we said goodbye. It was exciting to see such a high-tech robot in real life, but it was pretty eerie!”

Do you think this robot is cute or creepy? Let us know in the comments!


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