Let’s be honest — no matter how hard we try, our attempts at making spaces of our home look “beachy” often fall flat unless we literally live right by the beach. A basket of seashells or some turtle-themed decor certainly brighten up a room, don’t get us wrong, but to really get the sensation of the sea, you have to go above and beyond.

A Mr. and Mrs. Taylor have done just that, though, and now, they have a finished home improvement project that looks beautiful enough to dive right into (though we really don’t recommend doing so). They decided to work with Live Edge Slabs in Florida to create a custom-designed shelf that you have to see to believe.

Live Edge slabs shared these stunning photos of their work on Facebook:

Yes, this stunning shelf looks just like the ocean, from the seafoam to the ripples of the waves, even down to the darker “damp” sections of wood that make it look like the tide has wet down the beach.

The shelf fits in well with the family’s nautical theme of this section of their home, adding a highly unique touch to their house.

Imagine having guests over and serving them drinks atop this materpiece!

This kind of craftsmanship is hard to find, and this family is lucky to have gotten such an amazing piece of work from these talented contractors!


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