We humans tend to love it when we see ourselves somewhere other than a mirror. We love candid photos (at least, when we look good in them), and we imagine that if someone took the time to make a painting or a sculpture based on our likeness, we’d probably feel quite flattered!

This wasn’t the case for a corgi named Luna, though.

Luna’s human, Matt, told the Dodo that he was visiting a friend with his pup when he realized that the neighbors had a hedge that looked suspiciously like a corgi. Was it just wishful thinking? Or could this homeowner truly love corgis so much that they turned their hedge into one?

Naturally, Matt needed Luna to strike a pose in front of the plant masterpiece.

Image Source: @lelunaberry via Instagram

But although Matt loved the fancy living artwork, Luna was apparently not so thrilled. Her face made it clear that for whatever reason, she was not a fan of her gigantic new friend. Was it simply the fact that it was so large and looming? Was she concerned with how excited Matt was to see it? Would she simply have preferred a watercolor painting in her honor instead of something so dramatic? We may never know.

Image Source: @lelunaberry via Instagram

Luna may not be able to speak, but her face says it all: if Matt should ever come across another corgi-shaped hedge, do not show it to her.

Image Source: @lelunaberry via Instagram

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