If you haven’t attended school for a while, you may be caught off-guard by how much technology is implemented into today’s education. Students can check their grades online long before report cards are released, and there are plenty of apps and websites to facilitate learning. It’s no surprise that many of the students of today might wonder how school ever happened without computers.

A woman named Barbara Noble Sobel got permission from her friend to share a text message exchange that took place between her and her son, and it’s making a lot of people realize that they’re a bit older than they thought. As it turns out, lots of students who are in college today aren’t just accustomed to technology — they’re completely unfamiliar with a lot of lower-tech tools that most of us used to navigate the university experience.

Check out the conversation below, and be prepared to feel your years:

Do you think newer tech advances help or hurt today’s students? Let us know in the comments!


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