Zebras’ stripes were designed by evolution to confuse predators, but at least in one case, they’re also confusing harmless humans who just want to look at pretty wildlife photos.

A photograph taken by Sarosh Lodhi of Nadpur, India is causing a stir on the internet, and when you see it, you’ll understand why. Lodhi, a wildlife photographer, traveled to the Maasai Mara national game reserve in Kenya to snap some shots of the wide variety of cool animals there. He got a great picture of two zebras while there, and forest officer Parveen Kaswan shared it on Twitter with a simple question: Which zebra’s head are we looking at?

The debate has been raging on social media, and while we do know the correct answer, try to figure it out for yourself first. It may be harder than you think!

Here’s your hint: focus on the ears in the background if you’re stuck!

Want to know the answer? The face in the photo belongs to the zebra on the left!

Did you get it right? Let us know in the comments!


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