Chickens may get a reputation as only being good as food sources, but really, these plucky birds make great companions. As it turns out, they also make hilarious would-be bodybuilders, and the photographic evidence is making people crack up.

A hen named Sparkle is one of 52 (no, that’s not a typo) pets living with owner “Shell Critter.” According to an interview her owner did with Bored Panda, Sparkle lives among dozens of pets. “I have 52 pets — 35 rescued birds—from a Macaw to Amazons to little Budgies. I also have 8 dogs, 9 cats, 2 goats, and a new house rooster named Apple—the Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot named him.”

Sparkle has gained a number of fans, and one of them is one of her human’s Facebook friends, who goes by “Uncle Brian.” Uncle Brian decided to send Sparkle a gift, in the form of a pair of doll arms held together by some wire.

The “chicken arms” sit comfortably on Sparkle’s neck and make it look like… well… just check out the photos for yourself:

Yes, Sparkle looks like the world’s weirdest bodybuilder, and we can’t stop laughing.

The arms are harmless to the chicken, but put a smile on thousands of faces after the photos were spread far and wide on social media.

Who knows? Maybe this fancy hen has a future in human bodybuilding after all!


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