Cats often have an almost mystical look to their eyes. With colors that range from blue to green to yellow to orange, there’s a whole rainbow that exists in the eyes of our feline friends. One cat has such beautiful eyes, though, they’ve made her internet-famous!

Fiona is a pretty kitty with eyes so dazzling, they almost don’t look real. Take a look at some of her photos and see for yourself:

Fiona’s eyes are a dazzling mix of blue and green.

Against her pale fur, they stand out even more!

Fiona truly looks like she’s captured the ocean in her eyeballs.

She recently celebrated her birthday in quarantine, but she didn’t seem too upset about it.

You can really see this pretty girl’s unique colors in the sunlight.

Don’t let her pretty looks fool you, though — she’s really a ferocious beast!

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Day 72748838484 of quarantine: Mom: “h-“ Me:

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But most of the time, she’s a perfect little angel.

She really knows how to make the perfect face to get exactly what she wants, too.

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Throwback to one of my viral pics 📸🥰🐱

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This special kitty is also a registered emotional support animal — not just a pretty face!

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Saturday snuggles 💕

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