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This Cat Was Baffled Watching Two Rats Fight In The Subway


Cats are supposed to hunt rats… right? At least, that’s what cartoons (and, you know, years of experience in cat ownership) have taught us. But a couple of rats in Singapore seem to have found a way to keep themselves from becoming a kitty’s next meal. All they had to do was provide the perfect distraction.

One woman captured an amusing sight on camera when she was on her way home. Cheez Goh wrote on Facebook, “On my way home to this amusing sight! We’re so used to seeing cats fighting. But have you ever seen rats fighting? A cat that never interrupts is a smart cat. Guess which rat did the cat chase after? The one that runs away from my direction or the ones that comes towards my direction? Guess correctly, i’ll buy you coffee.”

Here’s what she saw:


The moment looked like something out of a cartoon: as the rats had their scuffle, the nearby cat just stood and watched in apparent bemusement. Once the rats had had enough, they went their separate ways, with one running toward the poor woman filming and the other disappearing before the cat could get its paws on either of them.

Was that really a genuine rat argument? Or was it perhaps a clever ploy to confuse that cat long enough so that the two rodents could get away unharmed? We may never know what goes on in the minds of these clever creatures!



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