For as much as they tend to dislike water, cats sure have a weird love for washing machines. Whether it’s the cozy, confined space they enjoy or the temperature difference from the “outside world,” many kitties try to take naps in their owners’ washing machines. While most of them are found by their humans before disaster strikes, one Burmese cat named Oscar ended up losing a few of his nine lives as a result of his washing machine explorations.

According to ABC, Oscar’s humans, who live in Australia, had put some bed sheets in their front-load washing machine, not thinking anything twice about it. But soon, his mom, Amanda Meredith, heard a meowing sound that she first assumed was coming from the cupboard before realizing that it was actually coming from the washing machine. To her horror, she realized that Oscar was trapped inside with the sheets, water, and detergent, his paws pressed desperately against the glass door as he was tumbled around.

It was still another two minutes before the water drained and the machine door unlocked so that Amanda could get poor Oscar out of the machine. He emerged alive and wet, but a bit battered from being tossed around. She hurried him to the vet, who warned her that Oscar’s health would likely be in jeopardy for the next six hours or so.

A brown Burmese cat stands in front of a front loader washing machine with its door open.
Image Source: Amanda Meredith via ABC

Thankfully, after being monitored at the vet’s for 24 hours and being given some anti-inflammatories, Oscar ended up doing just fine (though he slept a good bit when he finally arrived back home). The vet said that this isn’t the first time such an incident has happened. Oscar is a lucky cat to have made it through his ordeal with just a few bumps and bruises, all things considered!

Funnily enough, this mischievous kitty isn’t even scared of the washing machine after everything he went through. Instead, he watches it toss the clothes around and around. Is he entertained, or plotting revenge? We may never know.


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