Some cats bring home dead mice or birds. One cat even brings home other people’s laundry! But a kitty named Jordan has become famous for being the shoe burglar of his neighborhood.

Every night, this four-legged thief roams around his territory in Altoona, PA looking for shoes he can bring home. In fact, his owner, BJ Ross, created a Facebook group with the intention of helping the stolen shoes get returned to their rightful owners! In the span of two months, Jordan has collected over fifty shoes, and his human even installed a GPS tracker on his collar to see where exactly he was going. As it turns out, he’s quite the little explorer.

The story seems pretty crazy, and the family could be forgiven for thinking they were just the victims of a harmless, but strange prank. But nope, they have video evidence that their cat is their neighborhood’s notorious shoe burglar.

Jordan’s infamy has spread far and wide now, and the local news even did a segment on this “cat burglar!” Take a look at his very special feature below:


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