French bulldogs are some of the most sought-after dog breeds, but unfortunately, their signature look often comes with severe health problems. Many of the most expensive Frenchies have shortened muzzles, small nostrils, and restricted airways that can cause breathing problems and shortened lifespans. Unfortunately, the fact that these standards keep becoming more popular in the show dog circuit only encourages breeders to keep passing these traits down the line.

Not all breeders, though.

Chantal van Kruining is a veterinary assistant and French bulldog breeder from the Netherlands. Chantal loves Frenchies, which began when she adopted her first French bulldog — a six-year-old named Quinta. Unfortunately, Quinta’s life before she met Chantal was hard, with over- and irresponsible breeding having a serious negative effect on her health. Even after Quinta sadly passed away, though, Chantal and her partner continued to welcome French bulldog puppies into their homes, starting with the addition of a puppy named Tyke.

It was clear as Tyke grew up that he was a healthy, active dog, and through her work, Chantal was able to run some tests that revealed that his anatomy was the reason why. She sought to breed Tyke, and, long story short, she and her partner now run a successful French bulldog breeding business called Hawbucks French Bulldogs that focuses on bringing happy, healthy pups into the world.

The puppies have all the characteristics people love about Frenches — the big ears, short muzzles, and staunch statures — but the features aren’t so dramatic as to cause the significant health problems that many other Frenchies experience throughout their lives.

The result is that these dogs are able to enjoy their lives to the fullest. They can exercise and have fun without suffering from unnecessary breathing problems that can tire them out or even cause serious health issues.

You can learn more about Hawbucks and the way they’re reshaping the French Bulldog breeding industry here!


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