Kittens and books — does a better combination exist? The owners of Otis & Clementine’s Books and Coffee don’t think so, and we agree with them. This Halifax-based bookstore in Canada is the perfect place for every book- and cat-lover out there. Stop in for a book and some coffee, and while you’re there, you can play with some adorable kittens!

The kittens come from the South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia rescue, and yes, they’re all available for adoption!

But as much as you’d probably like to scoop up an armful of kittens and be on your way, the adoption process is run by South Paw Conservation, so you’ll still need to be properly vetted as a good potential owner for the kitten(s) you choose.

There’s also an adoption fee of about $200 USD that covers the kitten’s medical expenses, which is pretty standard for most animal rescues.

The book store has a 100% adoption rate so far, and thirty kittens have been adopted out since they started the kitten program last year.

The shop is quickly becoming a popular attraction for both locals and tourists who have heard about the kittens.

But of course, there are some people who wander in simply looking for a book, and surprise! Kittens!

Whether you’re in the market for a new book, a new kitten, or both, this can be your one-stop shop to make your dreams come true.

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