Dogs have a uniquely strong sense of hearing and smell, but one shelter dog can’t rely on his sense of sight at all. You see, Arafa is a blind dog at the Furever Rescue Foster near Cairo, Egypt. He came to the shelter after living on the streets, but now, he’s well loved and cared for, surrounded by other friendly dogs, and has lots of humans to spoil him as well.

Among those humans is Ahmed Embaby, with whom Arafa has formed a particularly close bond. Arafa follows Ahmed around all day, and by now, this happy pup knows what his human best friend sounds and smells like. In fact, all Ahmed has to do is call his name, and Arafa comes bounding over to be at his side.

Arafa is still looking for a permanent home, but until he finds one, he’ll be able to live happily with his best buddy at the shelter.

Check out what happens when Ahmed shows up to greet this special pup:


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