The creative cake craze that’s taken off over the years has left the world wholly unimpressed with the basic sheet cakes you can get from the supermarket, and now, one bakery in Russia is taking cake to the next level. Tortik Annushka, which is run by sister and brother duo Madina Yavorskaya and Rustam Kungurov, doesn’t just make cakes — they make art. Their baked goods are very much edible (and very much delicious), but they also look like they’d be right at home in a museum display or gallery.

From pop culture references to geometric designs to out-of-this-world shapes, this Moscow bakery has it all:

The bakers often make tributes to famous artists.

You’ll find many familiar references to famous paintings as you scroll through their creations.

They aren’t afraid to think outside the box, though.

They love to experiment with different techniques and textures.

You may even see your favorite characters in edible form.

No detail goes overlooked, even on relatively “simple” designs. Just look at that subtle gradient!

The bakery has also made a few Pantone-themed cakes, which are a delight for color-matching enthusiasts.

It’s often hard to believe that these cakes are even cakes. This looks like a metal sculpture!

No matter what you’re celebrating, from birthdays to weddings to retirement, this bakery has you covered.

They even paid homage to the now-infamous “banana on a wall” (officially named Comedian), which sold for $120,000 (the original art, not the cake).

This art really is good enough to eat.

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