Many of us sent fan mail to our favorite celebrities and athletes when we were children, and the idea of them writing back was just about the most excitement our little hearts could handle. One football player in Australia fulfilled her young fan’s dream and then some when she got an adorable letter from a little girl.

The fan, Kalani, got the chance to have a brief encounter with her favorite football player, Jess Hosking. After they met, Kalani — an aspiring football player herself — wrote a letter to Jess expressing her admiration for the athlete. Jess could’ve just written back to Kalani, but she decided to go the extra mile.

Image source: Nicole Love via Facebook
Image Source: Jess Hosking via Instagram

“Dear Jess,

Thank you for saying ‘Hello’ to me and letting mum take a photo, it really made my day. I am sorry I didn’t talk much I am usually a great talker.

I Loved whatching you play, you are an awesome tackler and midfielder. I want to be a midfielder and play just as great as you do.

We’ve studied the ladder and think that you still have a chance of getting into the finals so keep playing hard!

I Love your footy boots ALOT! I wish I could get them but we couldn’t find any.

I liked how when you played the tigers you dyed your sisters hair purple, I thought that was really funny!

I wanted to be a netballer until I saw you play football and now I am a footy girl thanks to you!

Your the best!
Love Kalani”

Jess was so touched by the letter that she spoke to Kalani’s mom and arranged to visit the aspiring footballer herself! Kalani, as you might imagine, couldn’t believe her eyes.

Yep, Jess really went out of her way to make this little girl’s dream come true. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing Kalani playing in the big leagues in a few years!


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