The white gown is a traditional wedding staple in the Western world, but let’s be honest — as beautiful as traditional wedding dresses are, they can also get a bit stale, don’t you think?

Well, artist Taylor Ann Linko decided to do something very different for her own wedding. After she’d found the dress she wanted to wear for her big day, she summoned the courage to airbrush some beautiful rainbow colors around the bottom of the skirt. The dress was originally a personal project, but months after her wedding, the photos went viral and spawned something much bigger than her own gown.

The artist spent about a week planning her process and making sure that she wouldn’t ruin her dress when the time came to apply the color to it. Her effort paid off — the dress came out gorgeous!

Taylor had always dreamed of being able to make money with her art, and after the photos of her gown went viral, she saw an opportunity and took it. Now, she paints other wedding gowns and sells them to brides who want a more colorful look for their big day.

Over time, she’s refined her process even more. Her work is absolutely stunning.

She works with a variety of different dress styles, and each look is unique.

You can view more of Taylor’s work (and purchase a dress of your own) on her website. Her prices are great when you consider the level of craftsmanship that goes into each dress!

We can’t wait to see what this bride-turned-businesswoman does next!


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