Last year, cat lovers of the world were devastated when Tardar Sauce — better known as “Grumpy Cat” — passed away in May at just seven years old. Grumpy Cat was an internet icon, known for her grumpy-looking face that contrasted her sweet personality.

While the original Grumpy Cat is a legend and could never be replaced, the internet seems to now have a new cranky-looking kitty, and she’s making hearts melt with her sullen, but adorable face.

The cat, named Meow Meow, is still in her internet infancy, with just a couple of posts on Instagram, but she’s already racked up over a thousand followers. Once you see her pictures, it’s easy to see why:

Meow Meow was abandoned by her original owner, and her current human (Clare) found her in an old pet shop when she was about ten months old, according to Bored Panda.

Despite Meow Meow’s displeased expression, she’s actually a sweet cat.

However, Clare says she is a bit picky and will only eat a specific kind of cat food.

Meow Meow has hypothyroidism, which sometimes leads to hospital stays.

However, her owner says Meow Meow still maintains her dignity during her hospital stays, ever the regal princess she is!

The original Grumpy Cat will always be in our hearts, but thankfully, Meow Meow is still here to warm our hearts with her cranky face!

All images by Siro0913 via Imgur

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