Just like humans, cats come in all sorts of quirky shapes and sizes, and one beautiful kitty named Belarus is no exception. Upon first glance, Belarus seems like your average cat — playful, mischievous, and covered in long gray fur. But a closer look reveals that this special boy has a unique quality that sets him apart from the rest.

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Snoozing this morning. Telling the alarm #thankunext

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Yep, Belarus is completely cross-eyed!

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It’s Friday. Reach for the stars! ✨ ⭐️

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This unique cat was born with a condition called strabismus, which affects his eyes.

However, the condition doesn’t cause him any pain, and he can live his life just like any other cat.

He enjoys hanging out on the couch…

… watching his humans get ready in the morning…

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Morning routines are the best

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… and, of course, being an adorable, goofy ball of fluff.

Belarus’ special look has won him many adoring online fans. He has over 253,000 followers on Instagram!

He may not look like the other cats, but he and his humans know that his adorable face is exactly part of what makes him so special.

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