The KC Pet Project in Kansas City, MO, has seen a lot of animals come in, many of them in very poor condition. But when they took in an 11-year-old Shih Tzu as a stray, he had one of the worst cases of matting they’d ever seen.

The poor old dog, who was later named Simon, was nearly unrecognizable as an animal, looking instead like a moving pile of trash with all his matted clumps of hair. Thankfully, though, it wasn’t anything the KC Pet Project team couldn’t handle.

It took two hours and two vet team members to get the job done, but eventually, they were able to shave six and a half pounds of hair off of poor Simon. It’s crazy to think that this little dog once weighed twenty pounds, but now, he’s been shaved clean and is on the road to recovery. His journey to better health isn’t over, but we’re sure he’s much more comfortable without all that rock-hard hair pulling on his skin.

You can watch Simon’s road to recovery below:


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