Humans may be pretty good at recreating poses and mimicking what they see in other portraits, but anyone who’s tried to photograph their pets knows that the same isn’t usually true for animals.

At least, not for most animals.

A trio of dogs in Germany owned by Vanessa and Rafael have gone viral for being able to “recreate” their own photos upon seeing them. Mojo, Rana, and Mateo have a special talent for striking cute poses, often “hugging” each other just like people do! Better yet, though, is that the dogs can apparently pose on command after being shown a photo of themselves.

The dogs seem to know exactly what to do, even paying attention to details like where their heads should rest.

The trick is as cute as it is impressive.

Some people are skeptical that the dogs are really following the example set by the existing photos, suggesting that there are physical or verbal commands being used that we can’t see or hear.

Even if this is the case, it’s still a highly impressive trick. All three of these dogs are clearly well trained!

You can watch the process for yourself in the video below:


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