These African Gray Parrots Had To Be Separated After They Started Teaching Each Other To Swear


Parrots are known for mimicking human words and sounds, but the result isn’t always as cute as them saying “Hello!” or giving a playful whistle.

Five African gray parrots at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park have landed themselves on the naughty list. The parrots were adopted by the Park in August and, after quarantining together, were moved into the outdoor aviaries, where guests could admire them.

Image Source: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

There was just one big !@#$%* problem: these five parrots really like to cuss.

Image Source: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

The parrots arrived with the quirky habit, and the Park’s staff hoped it would go away. Instead, the parrots have found each other’s swearing to be quite humorous. The birds would say their naughty words and then get a reaction — both human guests and their own feathered peers would start laughing, and the birds soon realized that saying certain words would get them the attention they wanted.

Image Source: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

The spectacle was funny for the adult visitors, but given how many kids visit the Park, staff decided it would be best to separate the birds for a while, keeping them out of view from guests as the parrots integrated with other birds and — hopefully — learned some new vocabulary.

Image Source: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Park chief executive , is hopeful that the change will help the parrots become a bit more family-friendly, but the alternative is a bit scary. He told the BBC, “I’m hoping they learn different words within colonies, but if they teach the others bad language and I end up with 250 swearing birds, I don’t know what we’ll do.”

We aren’t sure whether we prefer “normal” parrots or potty-mouth parrots, but we hope these five can soon be back in view of the public!


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