Veterinary care is expensive, and if someone finds themselves without a job, can’t pay rent, and ends up living on the street with their pet, things like vaccinations or surgery for the animal are often unaffordable.

Dr. Kwane Stewart, a veterinarian in California, is aware of the problems that homeless people face when their pets need medical attention, and so he dedicates his time to providing valuable veterinary services to them for free.

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Image Source: Kwane Stewart via Facebook

Stewart carries a veterinary bag around with him at all times, paying for the animals’ medication out of pocket. However, he’s started a GoFundMe to help pay for expenses and more expensive specialized procedures that the pets may need.

Image Source: The Street Vet via GoFundMe

He was also given the opportunity to be featured in his own TV show, “The Street Vet,” chronicling his work and making more people aware of what he’s doing so that they, too, can take action.

Thankfully, Stewart’s story has blown up on the internet, and the GoFundMe has already raised over $73,000 — valuable money that will be used to help homeless people and their pets live better and take one more weight off their shoulders.

It’s amazing to see someone take such an incredible initiative to help those in need around him!

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