One of the greatest tragedies on Earth is that our pets don’t live as long as we do. Every moment they spend with us is precious, and while smaller dogs frequently live well into their teens, larger breeds tend to have shorter life expectancies.

Don’t tell that to August (a.k.a. Augie), though. This beautiful senior golden retriever is the oldest living (and oldest known) golden retriever, and in April, she turned a very impressive 20 years old. The Golden Hearts Golden Retrievers Rescue has shared this special girl’s story, and people around the world are falling in love with her!

Augie was born on April 24, 2000, and though she had to be rehomed twice (which the rescue said was not her fault), she found her new forever home at the golden age of fourteen with Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt in Tennessee.

Augie got to chow down on some carrot cake (specially made to suit doggy tummies, of course) and celebrated her big day with  Sherman, Belle, and Bruce — her fellow golden siblings.

While it’s not unheard of for goldens to live well into their teen years, making it to 20 is almost unheard of. However, according to one comment on the Facebook post shared by the rescue, another golden named Jed has also made it to the big 2-0 milestone! Jed was born in May, so Augie is only just older than him. Here’s a photo of Jed celebrating his big day!

Image Source: Randi Nordfors via Facebook

Augie’s humans say that she’s still a healthy girl, though, not surprisingly, she has a little trouble getting around. But considering her age, she’s doing remarkably well!

Augie’s humans feel blessed to have had her for a whole six years — far longer than they thought they’d be able to have her around when they adopted a 14-year-old golden retriever.

Hopefully this sweet girl still has even more years ahead of her!


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