The Hilarious Moment An Australian Mum Tried To Help A Possum & It Jumped Up Her Skirt


No good deed goes unpunished… even when the recipient of the kindness is an adorable possum!

One mum in Australia learned this the hard way when she stopped to help a young possum who was being bothered by some magpies. But as she leaned over to greet the little marsupial, the possum leapt up and clutched onto the inside folds of her skirt. What followed was a hilarious “dance” that the woman’s daughter, known as “Taleah” on TikTok, captured on video and shared with the world.

The clip is even funnier when you see the editing Taleah has done, setting it to Enya’s “Only Time” and slowing it down for added effect. Basically, the caption splayed across the video was our reaction, too.

Thankfully both mum and possum are just fine, and it’s likely the little critter was just looking for a place to hide! But we doubt this woman will get quite so close to one of these cuties again!


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