We all know that thongs aren’t exactly comfortable, but one woman ended up with much more than a wedgie when she picked out her underwear one day.

Hillary told her shocking story on TikTok, recounting the tale of the time wearing a thong sent her to the emergency room. Though she laughs about it now, the incident could have killed her if she’d ignored it, and now, she’s using her thankfully-humorous tale to warn others.

The gist of it is this: poor Hillary tugged her pants up a bit higher one day and pulled her underwear with them, accidentally inflicting a microscopic cut upon herself. She felt a slight pinch, but didn’t pay it much mind until the pain got worse. Her condition worsened, and she ended up having to go to the emergency room to get treated for an abscess!

You have to listen to this crazy story for yourself, and be warned — while it is hilarious and generally ‘safe for work,’ the description is a bit, um, graphic.


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