Footage of the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon has circulated all over the internet since the blast happened at a warehouse a few days ago. Many of the videos are harrowing, with the camera holders flying through the air as the shockwave from the blast hits them. Oftentimes, viewers are left with the haunting question of whether or not the person who filmed the video survived the explosion.

Thankfully, a couple who shared the closest known footage of the explosion are alive and recovering from their injuries. Imad Khalil and Lina Alameh were filming the fire from their house about 640 yards away from where the blast would eventually happen. Lina begs Imad to come inside as the fire worsens and alarming sounds began to come from the source, and the blast sends both of them flying backward into the house eleven stories up.

The couple didn’t escape uninjured — Lina told CNN she was thrown backward through a glass door suffered a broken elbow, a cut tendon, and an injured back, in addition to numerous cuts. Imad was wounded all over his body and received bandages from head to toe. Lina came to and saw her husband unconscious on the floor, and though she tried to pull him out the door, he was too heavy for her. So she pushed past her pain and began making the walk down ten flights of stairs herself. Outside, she ran into a police officer friend, who helped bring Imad down and got the attention of an ambulance.

The two are now on the road to recovery, though they will likely have both physical and emotional scars from their harrowing experience.

Image Source: BoredPanda

You can watch the video below:


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