How many of us have lost a high-tech device to the perils of the toilet, shower, pool, or rain?

The fact is, most electronics don’t fare well when mixed with water. Apple seems to have found some kind of a solution, though, at least with their Apple Watch.

The watch has a unique system that protects itself against water damage, using the speakers within the watch to push out moisture. The feature is included in the Series 2 versions and later, which have a “water lock” function that makes the screen unresponsive to touch. The function is designed to be turned on before you go into the water so that the water doesn’t affect the screen’s responsiveness. When you turn the feature back off again, the watch physically ejects the water out of itself.

The feature itself is cool, but from a visual standpoint, it’s pretty unremarkable. But the Slow-Mo Guys have given us a whole new perspective on this feature, and now, we can’t stop watching this awesome video. Take a look:


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