We’re sure there are things more enraging than dealing with people who refuse to park inside the lines when they get to their destination, but it’s hard to think of any. This annoying practice isn’t just irritating, though — it can also prevent people who require a handicapped parking space from being able to access or get out of their vehicle, or keep them from being able to find a suitable parking space close enough to their destination.

The Southlake, Texas police department has also had enough of people not parking properly, so they’ve decided to add a little rib-poking to their notes when drivers overlap the line into handicapped parking spaces. They’ve included an outline of a police badge for offenders to color to practice staying in the lines, along with a tongue-in-cheek note:

“We noticed you had a little trouble staying in the lines when you parked next to a handicapped space… Maybe if you practice coloring our patch and staying in the lines here, it could help you avoid citations in the future?”

The department insisted that while this level of sarcasm isn’t commonplace when dealing with the public, they felt like it was warranted here.

“We try to avoid snark and sass (we REALLY do), but sometimes our fair citizens make it hard.

Please stay in the lines when you park ESPECIALLY if it’s next to a handicapped spot or you might be the recipient of one of our new fliers.

Be kind and drive kind and park kind! Let this graphic be an attention grabbing example so we don’t have to end up going to FedEx Kinko’s and making like thousands of copies of these.”

Their message has been well received by the public, and we’re sure that many of people wish they could hand out these hilarious flyers, too!

What do you think of these flyers? Too harsh, or a needed reminder for careless drivers? Let us know, and remember to SHARE this post with your friends!


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