Oh, to be born a tiny fairy with no cares in the world, washing up in a few drops of water collected in a flower petal. No bills, no stress, just whimsy and a refreshing bath!

Not to make you jealous, but some birds are small enough to do just that, and a photographer has captured one such moment on camera.

Photographer Rahul Singh captures stunning photographs of all kinds of birds, and he has been getting some well-deserved attention online recently for a series of pictures he captured involving a four-inch crimson sunbird and an ornamental banana flower.

Rahul has a special knack for capturing beautiful moments of animals in his home country of India, but this particular interaction with the sunbird was extra special. The bird had been drinking nectar from the flower, then noticed that the petal had some water inside it.

The tiny bird didn’t hesitate to nestle herself inside and create a splash!

The little feathered friend was so content to have found a natural bird bath, and Rahul was delighted to have captured a once-in-a-lifetime scene. His photos have amassed thousands of views and likes, giving his followers a special glimpse into a rare moment most people would never be able to see for themselves.

It’s amazing what spectacular views in nature we might see if we take a moment to watch!


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