Ballet is one of the most beautiful forms of dance, and it’s no wonder so many children want to grow up to be ballet dancers! The way ballerinas dance on the tips of their toes and move gracefully across the stage is a point of admiration and envy for those of us who are less light on our feet.

One problem in ballet, though, is that the shoes often seem to be designed with only Caucasian skin in mind. The silky pink pointe shoes aren’t just meant to look pretty and “feminine” — they’re meant to create a seamless line from the dancer’s legs to their feet. Much like your standard boxed bandages, though, they are much harder to find in any color other than the typical “beige” that pretty much only suits white skin.

It’s no surprise, then, that 18-year-old ballet dancer Kira Robertson was so delighted when she received a pair of pointe shoes that actually matched her skin tone. Up until this point, Kira had been forced to work extra hard to make sure her shoes matched her skin, and she even mentions having to paint her shoes with foundation (yes, makeup) to make them match her legs.

Kira shared a video of the big reveal, and her excitement is palpable. Her experience is another reminder of how the “little” things some people take for granted can feel like a miracle to people who’ve had to live their whole lives without them.

Check out the video below:


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