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Teacher Uses Moldy Bread Experiment To Teach Kids Importance Of Washing Hands


Any parent or child care workers knows that keeping kids’ hands clean is both one of your most important and one of your most difficult tasks. Kids are always getting into a new mess, and their dirty hands often find their way into their own mouths and all over the belongings and bodies of other people. The result can be widespread illness that can harm both the kids and other people.

One science teacher decided to demonstrate the importance of hand-washing to her students in a very visual way, using bread as her canvas. She obtained a loaf of plain white bread and made sure it was touched by varying degrees of grossness: Dirty hands, hands that had been cleaned by hand sanitizer, hands that had been cleaned with soap and water, Chromebook laptops (since computers are notorious for harboring germs), and nothing at all. Then, she waited, and soon enough, the mold that appeared on the bread made it very clear that there was a big difference between unwashed hands and properly washed hands.

The post sharing the experiment said,

We did a science project in class this last month as flu season was starting. We took fresh bread and touched it. We did one slice untouched. One with unwashed hands. One with hand sanitizer. One with washed hands with warm water and soap. Then we decided to rub a piece on all our classroom Chromebooks.

As somebody who is sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Wash your hands! Remind your kids to wash their hands! And hand sanitizer is not an alternative to washing hands!! At all!

This is so DISGUSTING!!!

**All the students touched each piece (of the touched pieces)**
**Results took 3-4 weeks because of preservatives**
**It was plain white bread**
** Editing again to clarify: The control piece wasn’t fresh when we took this picture. It just wasn’t ever touched with naked hands and it was moved immediately from the bread bag to the zip lock baggie (every piece of bread here is from the same loaf and same day)**
**They’re freezer ziplock bags meant for raw meat and they’re sealed tight**
**We do sanitize our Chromebooks, obviously we did not do that for this experiment ðŸ™„**
**We are an elementary school. Not a fancy CDC lab, so relax a little and WASH YOUR HANDS**
🚨🚨 Again! This is an elementary school classroom experiment, try not to get upset! ðŸš¨ðŸš¨
**I am in no way trying to make Google Chromebooks look bad, all laptops have germs, the amount is based on the person/people using them and not the brand (can’t believe I need to specify this)**
**It is just plain soap. Not antibacterial or anything fancy**
**You’re all entitled to your opinions. But they may be deleted**
**Here is a link for those that would like to try this experiment at home. https://www.mottchildren.org/…/camp-little-vict…/dirty-hands **
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Thank you to Clorox for the gift of cleaning products! â¤ï¸ We’re grateful of here at Discovery Elementary School in Mrs. Robertson’s classroom!

The “control” bread slice (untouched by hands) was the last to have no obvious mold on it.

Image may contain: food

Dirty hands caused a lot of mold to appear rather quickly.

No photo description available.

The Chromebook bread had the most shocking mold results of all. Make sure you’re wiping down your laptop!

No photo description available.

Even hand sanitizer clearly isn’t doing as good of a job as many of them claim to.

No photo description available.

But then, look at the bread that was touched by hands washed with soap and water.

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The results were hung on the wall, and students were able to see first-hand (no pun intended) the effects that careful handwashing can have on the things they touch.

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All images from Jaralee Annice Metcalf via Facebook

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