You may remember being told in high school that that was the “easiest” part of your life, that being an adult in the working world was “so much harder,” but let’s be honest: high school can be one of the busiest parts of your life.

Many high school students wake up early, spend all day in class, then go straight from school to extracurricular activities or a job. Then, they find time to do homework for almost every class while trying to maintain a social life, eat dinner, and go to bed at a decent hour, only to wake up and do it again the next day. No wonder they’re so tired all the time!

One teacher has caused a ruckus on social media for her firm stance on refusing to give her students homework, and if you think she’s doing the wrong thing, you have to listen to her logic.

High school teacher Courtney White understands the struggles that high school students experience on a day-to-day basis, and she doesn’t want to contribute to that workload. Instead, as she explains, she’d rather have her students fully engaged in class rather than assigning them homework that could lead to them getting even more stressed out. Since many students often resort to cheating or even having their parents do their work for them to get a break, it’s no wonder she’d rather have her students relax at home and then come back to her class ready to learn.

Check out Courtney’s explanation below, and you’ll see why it’s racked up millions of views on TikTok:


Reply to @tafgarcia Me not assigning homework, doesn’t make me any less of a teacher. My kids show me mastery of content in class. ##teachersoftiktok

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