Taylor Swift has released her latest music video, and if you’ve been following her career for very long, you probably knew that the clip would be big on production and drama.

But in this video, Taylor isn’t anywhere to be found… or is she?

Swift’s song “The Man,” which is a commentary on sexism and double standards that women face as they navigate their personal lives and careers, asks listeners to imagine how a woman’s life (specifically Taylor’s) might be different if she were a man. And in the music video for the song, Taylor takes that quite literally. The clip shows an arrogant man going through his day disrespecting other people’s personal space, yelling at people on the phone, and being celebrated for acting like a decent parent. At first, he looks like some random guy — maybe an emerging actor?

Take a closer look, though, and he may seem very familiar after all.

In reality, “The Man” is Taylor herself… with a lot of special effects makeup to give her a more masculine appearance. Taylor truly putting herself in the position of the Man adds an extra punch of meaning to her hypothetically themed song, and it makes the video an even more entertaining viewing experience.

Check out the video for “The Man” below, and wait ’til the end to see how they transformed Taylor! And see if your ears can hear a cameo from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself.


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