Many tattoo artists are known for their unique style, whether they specialize in watercolor tattoos, portraits, or traditional art. One Mexican tattoo artist is creating work that makes her personal style stand out for all the right reasons… even if those reasons make us feel like we’re seeing double.

Yatzil Elizalde does tattoos that have what she describes as the “Blurry Effect” — that is, they make you feel like you’re seeing two of the same lined image. Yatzil’s work has earned her many satisfied clients and nearly 47,000 followers on Instagram, and you can see why when you look at her work:

Yatzil’s tattoos are powerful optical illusions.

She can create the illusion using a variety of art styles.

Her clients travel from all over the world just to get one of her tattoos on their body.

While she also does “normal” tattoos, her “Blurry Vision” work has made her stand out.

Sometimes, the effect is more subtle.

Other times, it instantly makes you go cross-eyed.

She clearly has a very special talent made better by a lot of hard work and practice.


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