Imagine you’re a bird of prey, among the fiercest predators of the sky. Your powerful eyes spot a meal down below: the perfect size, a good amount of meat, and completely unaware of your presence. You swoop down for the kill, brace for impact, and… your prey just… doesn’t care.

In fact, the lunch you thought you were going to have is completely unresponsive to your efforts to kill it. Plus, it feels a bit different than it should, to the point that it’s basically impossible for you to pick up. What is going on?!

For one hawk, the answer was simple, but very confusing: the duck it was trying to catch was actually just a decoy.

In a hilarious video posted a few years ago, YouTube user Garybob captured the moment a fearsome hawk was utterly perplexed when its prey looked like a duck, but did not act like a duck. Can you imagine what must have been going through the poor bird’s mind?! We can only imagine how baffled we’d be if we tried to bite into a piece of bread, only for it to be something else entirely.

Take a look at this funny video below:


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