There’s an unfair stereotype that dogs and postmen do not get along, but don’t tell that to Scott Hodges.

Scott is a UPS driver with a special love for animals, and he enjoys sharing it with his Facebook followers.

According to Bored Panda, Scott has worked for the company for 32 years, and as you might imagine, he’s seen plenty of animals on those daily routes. From dogs to cats to pigs to ducks to everything in between, if it has fur or feathers or scales, Scott has probably encountered it.

Scott also enjoys documenting his encounters with these cute critters through photos, and he’s amassed a bit of a fanbase comprised of people who love to see him interacting with his new friends.

Check out some of the pals that Scott has met on his delivery route:

1. “Resistance is futile”

2. “This sweet old Beagle looks just like my Molly who passed away 6 months ago. Extra biscuits!!”

3. “Blep!”

5. “That face they make when you tell them that Triple Biscuit Tuesdays have been discontinued”

6. “The mighty Cupcake is voicing her displeasure over my recent absence and demanding the appropriate biscuit tribute

7. He is very persuasive.

8. “Her initial offer is one (1) stuffed toy in exchange for five (5) biscuits. She drives a hard bargain..”

9. “Polite Aussie boi

10. “This little turd has the perfect scam worked out. It costs me one biscuit to get out of the door, another biscuit to get to the porch to deliver the package, and then another one to get him out of my way so I can leave!

11. “Bummer, I’m all out of bearded dragon treats….

12. “I fear its wrath…

13. “Four-Biscuit Friday is finally here!

14. “Introducing Moof, he is an Anatolian Sheperd puppy who will weigh 150 lbs when he is full grown. Glad I get to make friends with him now!

15. “Skye just cant wait to share the good news with me about today being Four-Biscuit Friday!


17. “The piglets have almost doubled in size. And they have developed a taste for granola bars!

18. “Sassy and Snickers know right where I keep the biscuit box! #eyesontheprize

19. “Its rare, but every once in awhile I wind up getting a moocher of the feline persuasion. #UPScats

20. “This big ol’ meathead is a real sweetheart. A tongue with 90 lbs of pit bull attached to it…

Do your dogs love or hate the postman? Let us know in the comments!

All photos via Scott Hodges’ Facebook page


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