Many of us fear running into an old acquaintance in the aisles of a supermarket, but shoppers in Lake Tahoe, California apparently had bigger things to worry about when they went shopping at a Safeway grocery store.

Apparently, the prospect of virtually unlimited food isn’t just an attractive option for humans. Shopper Adina Baidoo caught footage of an actual wild bear inside Safeway, telling KUTV that she nearly ran into the huge animal. The bear had stopped in for a snack and exited the store with a bag of Tostitos chips, which it politely ate outside.

Here’s the video she filmed:

It certainly seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime sight, but the same Safeway was visited by another bear just over a week later.

Thankfully, the bears seemed more interested in getting some groceries than attacking shoppers. The Lake Tahoe area is well populated with bears, so it’s no great surprise to see them in the wilderness, in yards, or even crossing the road. But hopefully, this Safeway will be able to avoid these furry four-legged guests in the future!


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