Though the traditional advice of showing up to apply for a job in-person is a bit outdated in today’s digital society, it certainly helped one stray dog find a place willing to take him in.

Earlier in the year, a stray dog was found spending time near a Hyundai Prime dealership in Brazil. As it turned out, though, the dog wasn’t just paying a visit. He stuck around, and rather than taking him to a shelter or shooing him away, the dealership took him on as a four-legged staff member!

They named the pup Tucson Prime and adopted him — he even lives in the shop!

Tucson has become a genuine attraction since his story went viral.

Though they initially just wanted to protect the friendly pup, it wasn’t long before they realized that his presence was putting a smile on customers’ faces.

Now, Tucson has his own ID badge and has learned how to be a well-mannered (and very friendly) employee.

Have you ever seen a cuter company mascot?

Imagine how adopting animals like Tucson could help other businesses attract customers! This pet-friendly car dealership has certainly won a lot of people over with their decision to take in this former stray, and it’s certainly paid off for them.


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