While we humans and our pets can stay inside our warm homes during the winter, the stray cats and dogs of the world don’t have such a luxury. Imagine how terrible the winter must be for all the strays who struggle to find food and warmth in such harsh months.

This was the case for a stray cat in Quebec, Canada, who appeared at one woman’s door on Valentine’s Day 2019. The cat was cold and hungry in the snow and began meowing and pawing at the door in hopes of getting let in.

As his luck would have it, the woman was a volunteer at Un Chat à La Fois (“One Cat at a Time”), a local kitten rescue. The rescue contacted their partner clinic, which evaluated the poor cat and found that he had a whole host of problems, including frostbite, rotten teeth, infected eyes, sores, and diabetes. He was also found to have FIV, but these days, that’s not so much a problem for kitties. He was named Aslan after the brave lion from The Chronicles of Narnia.

Throughout his time getting treated for his ailments, Aslan was always a sweetheart with the veterinary staff. He was clearly aware that he was in good hands at last, and soon, he was ready for a foster home.

Aslan adapted well to his new foster life with a new human mom and feline sister. He showed his gratitude every day by cuddling up with his mom and spending lots of time with both of them.

When it came time to start looking for a permanent home for Aslan, though, his foster mom couldn’t bear to part with him, especially after seeing how much he’d bonded with his “sister.” So now, he’s a part of their family and living his best life.

We’re so happy that this chilly kitty got his happy ending!

All photos via Un Chat à La Fois Facebook page


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