Stolen Dog Has Emotional Reunion With Her Rightful Owner


Aaron Morris and his service dog Jolene got a rough welcome into their new life when Aaron’s car was stolen shortly after the duo moved from Michigan to North Carolina.

Aaron had Jolene in the car with him when he briefly stopped by a Dollar General. He was only inside for a few minutes, but when he came back outside, his car was gone… and so was Jolene.

Making things even more complicated and distressing was that Aaron’s phone and wallet had also been in the car, leaving him in a new city with virtually no resources. But of course, the absence of Jolene was what Aaron was most devastated about.

Thankfully, though Aaron didn’t know it yet, Jolene was soon in the safe hands of the Morristown Hamblen Humane Society in nearby Tennessee. She’s been picked up alone the street, and because she had a collar and tags, they could identify her by name. However, when they called the number, it didn’t go through because Aaron’s phone had been stolen.

Aaron and Jolene still got their happy ending, though — the social media post made its way to Aaron, and he was able to contact the shelter and set up a time to bring his beloved pup home. Their special reunion was captured on video, and we’ll just say you may want to have some tissues handy for this one:

Jolene and Aaron are back together at last, and we’re sure they treasure each other’s presence even more after such a horrific ordeal.


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