Steve Irwin’s untimely passing in 2006 left fans reeling, and the world has since been worse off for his absence.

Still, Irwin’s family is carrying on his legacy. His children, Bindi and Robert, were just little kids when he died, but now, they’re growing up and continuing his work. As they’ve matured, both Bindi and Robert are looking more and more like their late father, and a recent photo shared by Robert will make you do a double-take — he looks just like Steve!

Posing lovingly with a koala, Robert’s resemblance to his father is uncanny, as many people in the comment section have pointed out. Their similarities become even more apparent when you compare Robert’s photo to a picture taken of Steve some years ago.

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Image Source: Australia Zoo

The Australia Zoo does a lot of work with wildlife, including and especially koalas. Their efforts have helped countless animals during this year’s bushfire season, and it’s reassuring to know that Steve’s spirit and kindness live on through the actions of his family.

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