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Squirrel Gets Drunk On Fermented Pears In A Woman’s Backyard


Humans aren’t the only ones who can get a little tipsy.

A squirrel visiting the Minnesota backyard of Katy Morlok stumbled upon a tasty bowl of pears that Katy had left out for him. Katy told Fox 9 News that she enjoys feeding the squirrels that frequent her yard, and when she came across some old pears while cleaning out her fridge, she checked to make sure they were safe for squirrels to eat, then set them out for the furry rodents as a treat.

What she didn’t anticipate was that the pears had fermented.

After one of her regular squirrel visitors “Little Red” grabbed a pear and went on his way, she noticed that when he returned to the bowl, he looked a bit… off. The squirrel was swaying back and forth, and Katy realized that he was a little drunk from the fermented fruit! She brought the other pears back in the house to spare the other squirrels the same fate.

Although Katy was worried about Little Red, he returned the next day and has been fine since his drunken snack adventure. We’ve all been there, Little Red, don’t be embarrassed!

Check out the hilarious video of this funny squirrel feeling the effects of his snack:



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