Pet owners who celebrate Christmas often give gifts — such as toys or treats — to the cats and dogs in their lives. But in one family, Santa also has to remember a very special squirrel on his yearly trip.

Thumbelina was orphaned as a baby when her nest was destroyed by construction. She was taken in by wildlife rehabilitators, who had the intention of releasing her once she grew old and big enough. But unfortunately, as Thumbelina grew, it became clear that sending her back into the wild might be too risky due to health problems she’s sustained throughout her life.

Still, domesticated life suits this squirrel just fine. She’s completely pampered, is perfectly safe, and never wants for food! Plus, she gets special gifts just like her human family members on important days.

Last Christmas, her family saved her favorite present for last. Thumbelina knew what she had to do as soon as the saw the wrapped package, and she began eagerly tearing through the paper to reveal what lay beneath: an avocado!

Avocados are Thumbelina’s favorite treat, and she seemed to know exactly what was beneath all that wrapping! What a lucky little squirrel!

You can watch Thumbelina’s excited unwrapping moment below:


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