You would assume that if you had a big snake in your garage, it would be easy enough to see. Who could miss a long, thick, slithering creature amidst all the tools and regular knickknacks you’d find in a typical garage? Surely it would be easy to realize if something were amiss.

A photo being shared from an Australian snake catching business is making people realize that this may not be the case after the company encouraged their followers to “spot the snake.” The task seems simple at first — the garage is as tidy as you could expect a garage to be, with everything hung up in its proper place and very minimal clutter. But soon, you realize that the long thing draped across the space isn’t the snake… and neither is that loopy thing… or that loopy thing.

Ok, so maybe this is a bit harder than it appears.

Thankfully, the pros at Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast are experts, and they managed to find and relocate the snake away from this home. But let’s see if you could find what they were looking for.

May be an image of indoor

Need some help? Let’s zoom in.

Still nothing? We’ll give you a hand.

Tricky snake! We weren’t expecting it to be coiled up like that.

Did you find this sneaky serpent? Let us know in the comments!


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